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Hospital Overview 
     Chengdu Women’s and Children's Central Hospital (CWCCH) is a national 3A maternal and children medical healthcare organization with the most complete specialty settings in west China, specialized in OB/GYN, pediatrics, maternal and children healthcare, family planning, rehabilitation, emergency treatment as well as training and scientific research. It is also the non-directly administrated hospital affiliated to Chongqing Medical University. The central hospital is composed of four branches, headquarter located in Riyue Ave., Shiye St. Branch, South Taisheng Rd. Branch, and Dongchenggen St. Branch, covering a total building area of 221459M2, with 1839 licensed beds and 1468 open beds. Up until 2018, there are 2572 in-service personnel in the hospital, among which 2279 are medical technical personnel; 369 with senior professional title, 731 with medium professional; and 355 with Master’s degree and 44 with PhD degree. In CWCCH, there are 1 vice chairman and 3 members of the standing committee of national special committees; 4 vice chairmen and 5 members of the standing committee of provincial special committees; 1 provincial academic and technique backup leader; 4 academic and technique leaders and 4 backup leaders of Health and Family Planning Commission of Sichuan Province; 16 academic and technique leaders and 7 backup leaders of Chengdu Municipal Health and Family Planning system; and 15 part-time master’s supervisors of Chongqing Medical University.   
     CWCCH provides all-around quality medical services to women and children, and it also undertakes the missions of emergency medical treatment, referral and consultation in greater Chengdu, all over the province and even in Southwest China. The diagnosis and treatment level number of obstetric gynecologic and pediatric diseases list top among its counterparts in Southwest China. The pediatric internal medicine of CWCCH has been successively in the national top 3 in the Annual Specialized Hospital Reputation Ranking List in Southwest China, and pediatric surgery raised to the sixth, according to the Hospital Management Institute, Fudan University.  
     In CWCCH, there is one provincial A Level key discipline, one provincial B Level key discipline, six provincial A Level key specialties, four municipal key disciplines and six municipal key discipline (lab) projects under construction. Nowadays, construction and development of disciplines and specialties in CWCCH has formed groups of different and unique key disciplines and specialties at the provincial and municipal levels that facilitate the development of clinical medicine, medical education and research work in an all-round way. 
     CWCCH performs the municipal public health functions by constructing a “1+4+N” framed Women and Children Health Alliance and women and children medical treatment combination, through the way of “on duty + on line” to-the-county guidance and assistance, regulating and promoting the women and children health capacity in grass-root. We have gradually realized the municipal government’s goals of diagnosis and treatment of women and children’s serious diseases without going out of county, and contributed to lower the maternal and neonatal mortality year by year. 
     In 2017, the total number of outpatients and emergency patients is 2.563 million; there are 69,700 discharged patients, 19,774 inpatient deliveries and 29,516 inpatient surgeries in the hospital. CWCCH has got 35 scientific research project approvals, and 2 patents. We have published more than 300 academic papers, 20 included in SCI. We hosted 5 national and 22 provincial CME projects in the hospital. 


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